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Elevating Social Gatherings 

About Us

Incorporated in 2012, AA Globe Services Pvt Ltd emerged as a beacon of innovation in the food and beverage industry. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs with a passion for culinary excellence, AA Globe began its journey as a humble food and beverage company. With a clear focus on delivering exceptional service and quality cuisine, AA Globe quickly gained recognition as a leading service provider in the catering and food & beverages segment.

Driven by a young and enthusiastic team, AA Globe embarked on a mission to redefine the catering landscape, blending traditional values with contemporary concepts. Inspired by the growing demand for high-quality catering services, AA Globe expanded its operations into the healthcare industry and the exclusive club culture. We are into weddings and ceremonial catering as well.

At AA Globe, we attribute our success to our dedicated team of professionals who bring unparalleled expertise and passion to every project. Our team includes:

Chefs from Star-rated Hotels

Masters of their craft, our chefs bring creativity and culinary innovation to every dish they create. They curate delicacies that are not just creative but also delicious.

Managers from Best Colleges

Our seasoned managers ensure seamless coordination & flawless execution of events, guaranteeing a memorable event for our clients.

Well-Trained Service Staff

From attentive servers to skilled bartenders, our service staff is committed to providing an exceptional hospitality.

Highly Proficient Backend Teams

Our backend teams manage functions such as HR, purchase, accounts, and legal, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance with industry standards.



AA Globe commits to excellence and is recognized and certified as an ISO-certified company (9001:2015), certified ISO 22000, and certified HACCP, Employees Provident Fund Organization of India, and ESIC Social Security. AA Globe sets the benchmark for quality and safety in the catering industry.


Quality & Safety

Quality Assurance is an integral pillar of AA Globe Catering Services, serving as a cornerstone in ensuring food safety throughout our organization, from farm to fork. Our dedicated team is committed to upholding the highest standard of quality and safety to provide wholesome and safe food for internal and external customers.

Our commitment to our consumers is unwavering. We strive to ensure that every meal we serve is not only delicious but also wholesome, safe, and prepared with the highest standard of quality and safety. At AA Globe, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Strict Raw Material Compliance

We adhere to Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) & maintain rigorous in-house standards to ensure all raw materials meet quality requirements.

In-house Testing

Our state-of-the-art laboratory conducts comprehensive testing of raw and finished goods to guarantee their quality and safety before we serve our customers.

Food Safety Training

All our food handlers undergo extensive food safety training and regular refresher courses to ensure their equipment knowledge and skills to maintain food safety standards at all times.

Regular Audits

We conduct food safety and quality audits, as well as mystery audits, at our restaurants, kitchens, and client sites to identify areas for improvement and ensure compliance with our stringent standards.

Hygiene SOPs

We have defined stringent hygiene Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are implemented across all relevant areas of our operations to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at all times.

Labelling Compliance

We ensure that all packaged commodities meet labelling norms, including providing accurate nutritional values, to provide transparency and information to our consumers.

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